Pole Star announces its new cloud-based platform

Malcolm Latarche
Malcolm Latarche

30 October 2015

Pole Star, a UK-headquartered technology company delivering maritime application solutions announced the launch of its new cloud application platform, designed to facilitate the company’s vision to enable a universal maritime ecosystem. The new Pole Star platform is a highly configurable, extensible and easy-to-use cloud application platform, built upon a powerful, robust and open API, and using enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. With a wide (and expanding) range of services - from vessel tracking and SSAS management to maritime risk intelligence - all available on one convenient platform, Pole Star is enabling its customers to connect with their ships in a whole new way. Designed from the ground up to make its users’ jobs easier, save them time and help them achieve their goals, the Pole Star platform allows customers to select and combine services, and access them across devices.
“We are immensely proud to unveil the new Pole Star platform,” said Peter Davies, Chief Technology & Marketing Officer at Pole Star. “We’re launching the platform with 3 brand new services:
  • Tracking
  • SSAS Management
  • Risk Insight (a brand new service, incorporating maritime risk intelligence from MaRisk by Risk Intelligence).
“Customers on our new platform can also benefit from programmatic access via our RESTful API,” Peter continues. “Essentially, the Pole Star API gives our customers the freedom to extract, analyse and integrate all of the data that is available to them within Pole Star’s services, allowing them to connect their Pole Star account with their ERP or existing IT systems.”
The launch is the primary phase of a multi-phase migration strategy that will see all Pole Star’s services combined on one platform. Julian Longson, Managing Director at Pole Star told us: “Underpinning everything we’ve developed is our brand new, open API. All of our new services, as well as future applications created by us and our trusted partners, will be developed on this common API. All of these applications leverage one user interface, one code base and one data model to create a single platform for connecting the maritime ecosystem. This is the vision that drives our innovation. To become the 'open platform' for connecting the Internet of Things at sea".
“The Pole Star platform blends the technologies that have enabled Pole Star to become a leader in both the vessel tracking, maritime regulatory compliance and risk management markets,” continued Mr. Longson. “The new capabilities we’ve developed are designed to ensure that our customers can turn their data into the actionable intelligence they need to increase operational efficiency, enable decision making and support compliance.