Performance routeing platform delivers big fuel saving for Seanergy

Seanergy achieves fuel savings of up to 12% through DeepSea’s industry-first performance routeing platform.

AI led maritime technology company DeepSea Technologies has partnered with Seanergy Maritime Holdings to develop, test, and improve Pythia, the world’s first weather routeing and voyage optimisation platform tailored to the exact performance of vessels, under all conditions. This platform has allowed Seanergy’s Capesize vessels to achieve a reduction of fuel consumption of up to 12%, with average fuel savings of 8%, as recorded over a series of voyages during the first four months of 2021.

Seanergy and DeepSea have worked closely on the development of Pythia with the aim to build a unique performance routeing tool tailored to the needs of top-tier shipping companies. Pythia is an industry-first next generation weather routeing and voyage optimisation platform which uses AI-based performance models – based on highly detailed real-time data – to analyse 19 different parameters. The AI models accurately track how a vessel performs over time under any conditions, including those related to the weather and the state of the vessel – such as the fouling levels.

As a result of using real-time data, Pythia obtains a highly accurate understanding of the vessel and develops dynamic, tailor-made performance models for each ship, which are then used to determine the optimum routes, speeds, and trims for minimum fuel consumption.

The partners claim this collaboration redefines fleet management across the global shipping industry, ushering in a new era where shipowners can accurately calculate the real fuel savings and reduction of emissions for each voyage. The approach also reduces fuel costs for charterers and other bunker bill payers, while accelerating the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within the shipping industry.

Commenting on the announcement, Roberto Coustas, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepSea Technologies, said, “Our great work with our partners and friends at Seanergy goes back several years, and now it’s fantastic to be able to take the traditional service of weather routeing one step further by collaborating side by side with them. Together, we have managed to evolve weather routeing into a true performance routeing solution, that adapts to each individual company’s objectives.”

“We are aligned with Seanergy on many of our key objectives. We are both committed to pursuing a more sustainable future for shipping that mitigates the environmental impact of our sector through collaboration. With this partnership, we are not just trialling and fine-tuning this unique optimisation technology, but also bringing to market the first performance routeing platform with a proven track record of fuel and emissions savings that can push the decarbonisation efforts of the industry forward.”

Stamatis Tsantanis, CEO of Seanergy Maritime Holdings added, “Working with our partners at DeepSea and adopting Pythia is crucial for our ongoing ESG strategy. This strategy, which underpins how we aim to reduce fleet carbon emissions in a cost-effective way through technical and operational measures, will enable us to comply with IMO regulations and the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals. We believe that our industry’s increasingly ambitious sustainability aspirations and regulation will make non-efficient tonnage much harder to operate. In this environment, we aim to maintain chartering competitiveness and flexibility by striving for high-quality, environmentally compliant vessels with first-class fleet operations. Our partnership with DeepSea has been incredibly powerful in granting us a greater and more accurate understanding of our fleet performance, and in informing our decision-making process to achieve higher efficiency standards.”

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