Orskovs new floating dock launched

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Danish family owned ship repair company, Orskov Yard’s new 180m long Doc 5 was launched on Wednesday at Hat-San Shipyard in Turkey. Due to the corona crisis, Director Christina Ørskov and Orskov’s management could not be present at launches, which were instead streamed live to Orskov’s offices in Frederikshavn.

“It’s been a very long process, so I was a little touched. Now Doc 5 is finally a reality, and then in the middle of this time when most of it is negative. Such a positive experience is really wonderful. It sends a good signal of a belief in the future.”, Christina Ørskov told local online media service Kanal Frederikshavn.

Following the final completion, the towing of the floating dock from Turkey to Denmark will begin during the month of June. It is expected to arrive in Frederikshavn in July or August, to be ready for use in January 2021. A contract for repair work in the dock has already been agreed for January2021.

With a length of 180m and a width of 30m, the new floating dock is larger than the shipyard’s current dock, and thus follows the trend towards ever larger ships.


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