Optimarin shows rapid upgrade to USCG compliance

Malcolm Latarche
Malcolm Latarche

28 November 2018

Norwegian ballast treatment system maker Optimarin has demonstrated how easy it is for earlier versions of its system to be upgraded to full USCG compliance with a visit onboard Subsea7’s Seven Pacific.

Optimarin, which became the first manufacturer to achieve USCG approval in December 2016, originally installed its UV-based technology onboard the offshore construction and pipe-laying vessel in 2015. Since that point the 667m3 system has, according to Seven Pacific Chief Engineer Oddgeir Refvik, been running smoothly, with minimal maintenance and easy operation.

The upgrade was basically being a software modification. The service engineer brought an updated manual and information plate onboard, upgraded the software and then took the crew through the changes. The system can now be switched between modes meeting either OMO rules or USCG rules as required.

Optimarin has now sold close to 700 OBS units, with more than 500 installed and operational, of which approximately 250 are retrofits. The Norwegian-headquartered firm has performed around 50 of the simple USCG upgrades to existing systems so far.