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OneOcean’s Regs4ships ensures regulatory compliance for Uni-Tankers

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Denmark-based Uni-Tankers has selected OneOcean’s Regs4ships regulatory database as the most effective means for ensuring continuous, fleet-wide compliance.

Tanker operators need to comply with a host of safety and environmental regulations, both international and local, and Regs4ships claims it is the  most comprehensive and frequently updated database of regulations. The solution allows ship and shoreside teams to stay abreast of, and to comply with, regulatory requirements around the world. This is particularly valuable for tanker fleet owners and operators because of the hazardous nature of their cargo, and the potential environmental impact should an accident occur.

In selecting OneOcean’s Regs4ships, Uni-Tankers can access all regulations for the management of the fleet and for specific sailing routes. This eliminates the need for the company to manually source and verify the needed information, a process that typically takes hours. Fleet managers also gain a high level of regulatory oversight over regulations in force for all vessels they manage.

As Lars Sandsdalen, a senior member of Uni-Tankers’ HSEQ team, explained, “Navigating the complexity of rules and regulations that our fleet has to comply with has, in the past, been difficult and time consuming. By contrast, Regs4ships gives us a complete picture in no time at all, including an overview of upcoming amendments. I have not seen any other platform that compares with the OneOcean solution.”

The advanced functionality of Regs4ships provides the ability to see how regulations have evolved over time, and when they and later amendments come into effect. Easy tracking of the rules applying to vessels of different ages and types is a value-adding benefit, as is the single-source reference for information. This reduces confusion and mitigates the risk of missing important regulatory changes.

“The maritime industry is increasingly acknowledging the need for a single source of accurate and reliable information, which enables the right decisions to be made quickly and confidently. This promotes safe and compliant shipping operations, and we are pleased to support Uni-Tankers in keeping fully up-to-date with all the regulations, regardless of where their ships are operating,” said OneOcean Group CEO Martin Taylor.

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