OceanSaver obtains final USCG type approval

Adam Foster

Adam Foster · 26 December 2016


OceanSaver has received the final type approval certificate from US Coast Guard as the first ballast water treatment system supplier utilising electrochlorination. This means that a USCG type approved system is now available for medium and large vessels like LR1s, VLCCs, and large gas carriers. US regulations require all vessels trading in US waters to treat their ballast water with USCG type approved ballast water treatment system before discharge. But until recently no systems had passed the stringent requirements of USCG, and instead non-approved systems had to obtain temporary permissions. OceanSaver is now able to offer peace of mind to ship owners by offering a BWTS in full compliance with both US Coast Guard and IMO standards. “This is a milestone in the implementation of safe ballast water discharge standards worldwide and shows OceanSaver’s dedication to do what is needed to help shipowners stay in compliance” says Alan Linderoth Vice President Sales & Marketing. “The OceanSaver system is a perfect match for medium to large vessels with a system capacity of 1,500 to 7,200 m3/hour, meaning that owners now have USCG certified systems available for small, medium and large vessels. It is also promising to hear that other makers are in the process of obtaining the USCG type approval.” The USCG testing has been carried out with OceanSaver’s existing MKII system (IMO type approved in 2011) without significant modifications, proving the efficiency and reliability of the design. Overall the MKII system has been through more than 60 tests over the past years as part of development of the system, class certification, IMO- and USCG approval processes. The system’s performance is confirmed by operational experience and continuous customer feedback. “It is the world’s most stringent test regime, with extensive trials and detailed reviews of the system and supporting documentation” says Per Aarnaes Vice President Technology. “That our system has passed it all is very reassuring for us and our customers. The USCG certificate means a lot to us.” OceanSaver is partly owned by the well-known energy shipping company BW Group. Group CEO, Carsten Mortensen states, “BWM regulation will have significant impact on the shipping industry, but the implementation schedule continues to be surrounded by a great deal of uncertainty. It is good news for the ship owners that fully compliant systems are now available.” Further, the OceanSaver certificate does not impose any restrictions on daily vessel operation. “We are very pround that OceanSaver has obtained the USCG type approval with no restrictions. This means that the operation of the system will not affect the vessel’s trade or cargo operation,” says CEO of OceanSaver Helle Hundseid. “In addition,” she continues, “I want to add that OS is prepared for larger volumes and can also offer attractive financing packages together with Norwegian financing institutions. OceanSaver is prepared to support ship owners in meeting future compliance dates”.
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