NYK releases new fuel additive to solve 2020 sludge problem

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 20 May 2019


Japanese ship operator NYK and its marine chemicals subsidiary Nippon Yuka Kogyo have jointly developed a new fuel-oil additive for low-sulphur compliant fuel-oil that meets SOx emission requirements.

Yunic 800VLS (patent pending) is Japan’s first additive for very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) and is claimed to improve safety by helping to avoid troubles that may be caused by certain contents of VLSFO.

NYK says, in a press release announcing the availability of Yunic 800VLS, that the new additive effectively disperses asphaltene and paraffin (wax) specific within VLSFOs to suppress sludge formation due to poor compatibility when switching and commingling of VLSFOs.

VLSFO may generate sludge if the compatibility is poor. As with high sulphur fuel oil, the generated sludge needs to be suppressed to prevent problems, such as sludge deposition in fuel tanks, fuel filter clogging and purifier malfunction.

The new additive is based upon an earlier product Yunic 555D, but is claimed to have a higher sludge formation suppressing performance than Yunic 555D, which is effective for dispersing asphaltene sludge.

NYK says that it is possible to check the compatibility and stability of a heavy fuel oil including VLSFO (Commingled VLSFOs, VLSFO alone, and compatibility against heating and long-term storage) by way of testing products based on ASTM D4740.

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