NYK holds fleet safety promotion conferences for shipowners and ship-management companies

Malcolm Latarche
Malcolm Latarche

12 July 2018

In July, Japanese shipping company NYK held three safety promotion conferences for shipowners and ship-management companies, both domestic and foreign, as part of the Remember Naka-no-Se safety campaign.

The first two conferences were held at the NYK head office in Tokyo, and the third was convened at Imabari city in Ehime prefecture.


The Remember Naka-no-Se safety campaign is conducted for two months from July 1 every year, and draws on the lessons learnt from the crude oil tanker Diamond Grace oil spill to encourage all NYK Group members to bear in mind the importance of safe operations.

During the campaign, NYK board members, employees, and related partners visit vessels to share safety-related material with officers and crews and deepen mutual understanding of safe operation.

A total of 173 participants from 90 companies participated in the three conferences. Under the slogan "Brush Up on Safety Awareness,” participants exchanged information to enhance crew member awareness of onboard dangers, and swapped ideas to prevent the recurrence of accidents and troubles.

NYK also stressed the importance of open communication, which is emphasized in "The NYK Group's Biggest Crisis — the Naka-no-Se Oil Spill," a new safety promotion video that NYK produced this year.

The participants were reminded of the importance of communication between ship and land, and business partners from shipowners and ship-management companies were able to exchange frank and honest opinions.