NSSLGlobal unveils new service to Asian operators

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 09 April 2019


Satcom and IT communications provider NSSLGlobal has unveiled the latest addition to its maritime portfolio, FusionIP-LITE. Based on the award-winning FusionIP, FusionIP-LITE is specifically engineered for the Asia seas.

For a single monthly service fee, FusionIP-LITE allows users to benefit from seamless automatic switching between cellular and satcom networks to ensure “always-on” connectivity with speeds of up to 40mbps. This NSSLGlobal solution also incorporates automatic WAN switching, an email service, core firewalling, eNOAD and file management/synchronisation capabilities, all at no additional cost.

FusionIP-LITE integrates the best of two communication worlds for the Asia seas. Cellular connectivity is the primary connection and satcom the secondary; when vessels move out of cellular range, they are seamlessly transitioned between networks to achieve “always-on” communications while ensuring optimum data speeds.

NSSLGlobal’s FusionIP-LITE service uses a single 3G/4G/LTE SIM which is capable of delivering high-speed bandwidth up to 20km offshore — with download speeds of up to 40mbps — making it ideal for leisure, fishing and commercial vessels. FusionIP-LITE will help busy vessel operators passing through the coastal waters of several countries to benefit from the high-speed of cellular with the service assurance and coverage of satellite, all without changing multiple SIMs or dealing with a variety of providers and bills.

FusionIP-LITE also uses the new Iridium Certus Next constellation as a failsafe guarantee of “always-on” connectivity when outside of cellular coverage providing speeds up to 704kbps once Iridium has completed its firmware update planned for this year.

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