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Norwegian tie up aims at improved monitoring and performance

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Two Norwegian organisations Høglund and Yxney Maritime are collaborating to launch an integrated vessel performance monitoring solution.

The plug-and-play system will give ship owners and managers access to real-time fuel consumption data and analytics, allowing for better decision making and improved ship and fleet fuel efficiencies.

Under the agreement, Høglund Marine Automation’s Ship Performance Monitor (SPM), which collects and stores accurate fuel consumption data for an individual vessel or entire fleet, will be seamlessly integrated with Yxney’s cloud-based database MarESS, allowing the data sets to be processed and presented to the customer on a user-friendly interface. Ship owners, managers and crew can then use these data insights to find more efficient ways of operating and reducing fuel consumption.

With Høglund’s SPM, fuel and power consumption from all major consumers on-board is accumulated, together with important inputs such as vessel speed, wind speed and direction, distance sailed, draught and trim. Data is presented in two major groups; Daily Data and Mode Data.

Maress is a cloud-based software that combines existing data streams from vessels with AIS and other available data sources and presents the user with actionable information and an overview of the performance of the entire fleet, as well as for individual vessels. The software creates a historic baseline for each vessel in all operational modes, allowing the daily performance of each vessel to be compared against the baseline and adjusted for the actual operational pattern, in order to identify deviances and sub-optimal operations.

The SPM-MarESS solution has proven extremely popular with shipping companies, with a number of orders already in place. Siem Offshore has already requested the system to be installed on a number of the vessels in its fleet, while Havila Shipping has shown its long-term commitment to the initiative by signing a five-year contract.

Børge Nogva, CEO, Høglund Marine Solutions, said: “We are delighted to announce the forging of a new partnership between Høglund Marine Automation and Yxney Maritime. At a time when vessel data is becoming increasingly valuable, it’s vital that the industry consolidates its skills and expertise to create solutions. Yxney’s capacity to process data and visualise it in a way that is accessible to both owners and crew, will augment our existing offering and provide our customers with the solutions they need to ensure efficiency and reliability of their fleet in the long term.”

Gjord Simen Sanna, Yxney Maritime CEO, commented: “We’re excited to team up with Høglund and to now have the opportunity to offer a cost-efficient and powerful solution to customers looking for a plug-and-play system that can both measure and visualise actionable information about the fuel efficiency of their fleet. We see this partnership as an answer to the demand among vessel owners to take control of their own data, and to get ahead in the race towards better fuel efficiency and lower emissions”.

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