Norled ferries to feature Schottel EcoPellers

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 09 March 2020


Germany-based propulsion specialist Schottel has won a contract from Ada Shipyard in Turkey to supply propulsion units for two double-ended ro-pax ferries. A total of four Schottel Rudder EcoPellers (SRE) have been specified for the LMG 60 DE design vessels ordered recently by Norwegian ferry operator Norled.

The ferries’ main propulsion consists of two SRE 270 (810 kW each) units with 1.85m diameter fixed pitch propellers (one at each end of the ferry). Each of the azimuth thrusters is driven by a Volvo Penta D16MH engines that will run on biofuel ,through a twin-in-single-out gearbox. These thrusters allow the vessel to achieve cost effective operation at a service speed of 11.5 knots. Through its efficiency, the EcoPeller contributes to the ship’s low fuel consumption. This, in turn, results in low operating costs and reduced emissions.

Both ferries are tailored for their future operation on the Finnøy connections in southwestern Norway. Each of the 74m vessels will be able to accommodate up to 199 passengers and crew members and be capable of carrying 60 cars. Deliveries of the ferries are scheduled to take place during the first quarter of 2021.

With its medium-sized azimuth thrusters such as the SRE 270, Schottel meets new challenges on the international maritime market. These include shifted engine power classes, new ice class rules and the growing trend towards electrically or hybrid driven vessels. Combining the latest technologies in mechanical engineering, hydrodynamics, and digitalisation, the medium-sized azimuth thrusters are available in two sizes corresponding to the common engine power classes: SRE 210 (560 kW) and SRE 270 (900 kW).

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