New application for USCG approval

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 07 February 2020


An application for type approval by the USCG has been filed for the ATPS-BLUEsys Ballast Water Management System manufactured by Japan-based Panasonic Environmental Systems & Engineering. The application covers systems with capacities between 150 and 7,200m3/h.


The ATPS-BLUEsys is an electrochemical system but rather than using a side stream for production of hypochlorous acid it employs an electrolysis device in the main ballast pipe to generate the chemical and enhancing the sterilisation effect using what the maker describes as a stirring device’. It is a filter-less system and already has IMO type-approval.

A further application has also been to the USCG by Hyundai Heavy Industries for its HiBallast filtration and electrolysis system. This system was granted USCG Type-approval in 2018 and the current application will cover upgraded or amended system components.

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