Neste begins ex-pipe supply of low sulphur bunkers in Sweden

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter

28 February 2017

Finland-based Neste Corporation (Neste) has begun ex-pipe deliveries of low-sulphur bunker fuel at Sweden's Södertälje terminal.

In ex-pipe delivery, marine fuel is delivered directly to ships via a pipeline from the terminal, without any separate refueling trucks or vessels.

The ex-pipe service is available both for ships calling the Södertälje terminal for cargo and for ships passing the terminal. The service will first be used by Astral, a tanker operated by Sirius Chartering.

"We started the delivery of low-sulphur marine fuel in Sweden at the beginning of the year. We are very happy that we were able to launch our bunkering service also by means of ex-pipe delivery. As a result a ship can be bunkered while performing other ship operations," says Matti Lehmus, Executive Vice President, Oil Products at Neste.

Neste's low-sulfur marine fuels offer a good solution to reduce sulphur emissions and to fulfill tighter regulations, claims the company.

Their use requires little or no investment or changes to existing vessels. Current EU and national regulations demand lower sulphur emissions from ships operating in the Baltic Sea and North Sea and in the English Channel.

Neste's product range currently includes two low-sulphur marine fuels (lighter Neste MDO DMB and heavier Neste RMB) with sulfur concentrations of less than 0.1 percent. In addition to the delivery of marine fuel, Neste offers services that produce added value to customers, such as technical training.