NCB appoints James Douglas as CEO Exis Technologies

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US-based inspection body the National Cargo Bureau (NCB) has appointed James Douglas to the position of Chief Executive Officer of its group company Exis Technologies, effective immediately. Exis, based in the UK, was purchased by NCB in April 2018 and has been a leader in the development of IT systems for the management of dangerous goods in sea transport for over 30 years.

Douglas who was previously commercial director at Exis for 11 years said, “I am honoured to have been elected as CEO of Exis Technologies. It is a privilege to be part of an organisation with a clear and driven focus on what it wants to achieve for the safety of the global shipping industry. Since becoming part of the NCB Group together NCB and Exis have been able to realise synergies across our offerings and become a stronger organisation. I look forward to working closely with NCB moving forward to advance their mission of Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea as outlined in NCB’s recent white paper which calls for a comprehensive, holistic approach to enhance safety and address the carriage of undeclared, mis-declared and other non-compliant dangerous goods.”

Exis Technologies and NCB have been working on several new initiatives to help improve safety in the supply chain including Hazcheck Detect, a cargo screening solution to identify mis-declared and undeclared dangerous goods (DG) and other compliance related cargo, Hazcheck Restrictions a data portal for shipping lines and ports, and Hazcheck Inspections, a container inspection system. Exis provides the IT and systems expertise to help deliver tools to help ensure the safe transport by sea of dangerous goods.

“We will face new opportunities and challenges in the future and we are delighted to announce that James Douglas will step into the role of CEO of Exis to strengthen our position moving forward. James has been an integral member of the board at Exis over the past 11 years with his passion for the shipping industry and the improvement of the safety of dangerous goods in sea transport,” said Ian J Lennard, President, NCB.

Lennard continued, “In the short time that Exis and NCB have joined forces we have made a significant contribution to our shared mission of SAFETY OF LIFE AND CARGO AT SEA. We are now widely recognised as a complete not-for-profit safety oriented organisation. There is no surveying organisation that can bring the IT capabilities that Exis brings and there is no IT organisation that can bring the surveying capabilities that NCB brings. We are clearly a stronger organisation together.”


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