MOL to market ballast checking system

MOL to market ballast checking system

Paul Gunton

Paul Gunton · 10 May 2019


Japanese ship operator, MOL has announced announced that it intends to commercialise its ballast sampling and checking system known as Ballast Catch = Viable Organism Sampler from 15 May.

The device, jointly developed by MOL Group company MOL Engineering and Satake Corporation, is claimed to save workload in preparing samples of ballast water prior to testing for the presence of marine organisms. Another MOL Group company, MOL Techno-Trade will handle sales of the system.

Satake had earlier developed the related Ballast Eye" =Viable Organism Analyzer inspection system to determine how many living organisms are contained in a vessel's ballast water and MOL Techno-Trade has sold it since 2016. The newly released Ballast Catch reduces the amount of work required to concentrate sample water for inspection with Ballast Eye.

Usually two specialists are needed to manually concentrate the sample water using a sampling net. The new system, which can be operated by one person, is contained in a small backpack and requires no power source. It comprises a main unit and all accessories such as the piping and sample bottle stored in the backpack, making it easier to move around onboard.

The Ballast Catch offers the same level of collection performance as a plankton net because its collection filter uses the same nylon net. This reduces damage to living organisms, which will become the inspection sample. Furthermore, the replaceable filter prevents contamination, and also maintains the reliability of samples for inspection. The Ballast water can be concentrated quickly and easily taking about 30 minutes to concentrate a 1 litre sample.

The target market includes PSC inspectors and ships’ crews.

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