Miura chases USCG ballast approval

Paul Gunton

12 February 2019

A new application for type-approval of its HK-S(E) ballast water treatment system by Japan-based Miura means that there are now seven systems awaiting approval to add to the 16 systems already granted USCG type-approval. The Miura system is a filtration and UV type and has capacities of between 200 and 900m3/h. The system achieved IMO type approval in 2014 and also has US AMS status.

Five of the systems currently awaiting US type-approval (Desmi Ocean Guard’s CompactClean, Wärtsilä’s Aquarius UV, Cathelco’s Evolution, Semb-Eco’s LUV U1 and the Miura system) are of the filtration and ultra violet type while the other two – both submitted by NK BMS of Korea – use ozone as the treatment method.

Two other applications, one from Techcross and one from Wärtsilä, for additional model variants of systems already granted type-approval are also pending.