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Marlink signs partnership agreement with We4Sea

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Marlink has signed a partnership agreement with We4Sea, establishing a relationship to further leverage its smart connectivity strategy and provide innovative fuel efficiency solutions to the maritime industry.

According to a press release, the strategic agreement will see Dutch start-up We4Sea leverage Marlink’s broadband satellite communications network, digital solutions and contacts to further test, develop and mature its fuel efficiency solutions. Marlink aims to support new partners as part of its Smart Connectivity strategy, which empowers its customers’ digitalisation and business efficiency through new applications and business models.

We4Sea is specialised in digital monitoring solutions to reduce fuel consumption and related emissions in an easy, fast and cost-effective way. Its solution uses a unique Digital Twin technology, combining position, speed, weather as well as cargo data. All data is presented in a web platform, providing users on board or ashore with a clear picture of the actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of their ships.

The Digital Twin technology does not need additional hardware to be installed, meaning no initial Capex investment or off-hire. The online reporting is certified to comply with new EU legislation, aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport. Using big data, customers can monitor and report on any vessel and make better decisions on all aspects of their operations – technical, logistical and operational.

“Co-creating solutions with start-ups, strategic digital partners and key customers is key to our Digital Strategy,” said Gennaro Faella, Head of Strategic Business Development, Marlink. “Our global, high bandwidth data connectivity, enables We4Sea to efficiently collect data that further optimises the already 98% accuracy of its ‘no capex, no sensors, no port visit’ digital twin fuel and emissions monitoring algorithms, helping the maritime industry to meet requirements under the 2020 sulphur cap.”

Partnering with We4Sea enables Marlink to pilot, evaluate and continue joint development of new solutions and tools that support global maritime companies to meet the latest environmental and health standards.

The concept of green shipping aims to balance efficient shipping with minimal ecological damage and clean practices, enabling ship emissions control which will contribute to reducing air pollution by 50% in 2050, while enabling lower bunker costs so shipping companies can stay competitive.

“We see a clear demand from our customers to deliver fuel efficiency solutions,” said Tore-Morten Olsen, President Maritime. “This agreement with We4Sea will allow us to offer a highly intelligent and cost-efficient solution based on big data technologies, which will support our customers ambition for greener, more environmentally-friendly shipping.”

“Big data will play a significant part in enabling ships to reduce sulphur emissions and together with Marlink, we will contribute to addressing one of the biggest challenges that the shipping industry faces,” said Dan Veen, CEO and Co-founder, We4Sea. “In less than 2 years, all ships worldwide will have to comply with the new 2020 sulphur cap legislation, which according to The Economist, could cost the industry $60bn. Our solution combined with Marlink’s connectivity and industry leadership will contribute to reducing fuel costs, helping ship owners to operate more cost-effectively. Now is the time to act.”

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