Marlink brings 4G to maritime users

Paul Gunton
Paul Gunton

05 December 2018

Norway-based Marlink is now providing its customers operating in the North Sea with dedicated high-speed, low-latency 4G connectivity as part of its hybrid communications services, following the implementation of a private Access Point Name (APN) on the Tampnet North Sea LTE network.

Marlink claims to be the only satellite service provider providing multi-band hybrid services with integrated Tampnet North Sea LTE capacity. Furthermore, because the 4G bandwidth available via the APN is dedicated to Marlink customers and not shared with any other vessels or users in the North Sea, Marlink guarantees access to Tampnet LTE services at all times. The result is a more streamlined, simpler hybrid service with high resilience and low-latency connectivity, as well as reduced operational overheads.

4G Marlink

Marlink says that one example of the benefits is that its strengthened North Sea hybrid services can contribute to reducing drillship non-productive time by enabling reliable access to connected decision support tools. With guaranteed Tampnet bandwidth now available, crews and operations will have more opportunity to enjoy connectivity on board, opening the potential for more low-latency applications and less delay on video calls.

Marlink manages the end-to-end configuration and delivery of the Tampnet service with seamless switching between VSAT and LTE. The multi-band hybrid approach allows traffic to be seamlessly routed through different available carriers depending on the unique requirements of applications used on board and network conditions at any given time, ensuring optimal use of all available channels depending on location and availability.

“With a fully managed service combing dedicated VSAT and LTE bandwidth, we can offer true hybrid connectivity on our network,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime, Marlink. “We were the first maritime satcom service provider to integrate Tampnet for vessels in the North Sea, and by securing dedicated bandwidth we once again raise the bar, confirming Marlink’s position at the cutting-edge of maritime communications with exclusive offers to our customers”