MAN’s new blower makes debut

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 24 October 2018


Aimed at ensuring engines with exhaust gas recirculation meet Tier III NOx emissions, MAN Energy Solutions has launched its new EGR electrical turbo blower (ETB) – designated ETB40 – at a ceremony in Shanghai hosted by its two-stroke licensee, CSSC-MES Diesel (CMD). Simultaneously, CMD announced that it has placed the first order for the new blower in connection with the construction of several MAN B&W two-stroke 7G60ME-C9.5 main engines for newbuilding vessels.

The ETB raises exhaust-gas pressure to overcome the pressure difference between exhaust gas and scavenging air receiver by actively controlling the exhaust gas flow; strategic step to bring development in-house; design focuses on cost-optimisation and compactness.

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Individual ETB40 units will be installed aboard each vessel as part of their main-engines’ integrated EGR system. The order also represents the first time that CMD has employed EGR technology for compliance with IMO Tier III regulations, having previously commissioned several successful SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) applications.

Specifically designed for EGR systems, the MAN ETB’s active control plays an important role in enabling these systems to reach IMO Tier III emission standards. The blower is a core component of MAN Energy Solutions’ high-pressure EGR system that raises the exhaust-gas pressure in order to overcome the pressure difference exhaust gas and scavenging air receiver. In addition the blower actively controls the recirculated exhaust gas flow during the EGR flow by varying the blower speed.

The desired EGR operating conditions are achieved by using a high-speed electric motor, directly coupled to the compressor wheel and speed controlled by a frequency converter. The MAN ETB features a highly-efficient blower wheel, optimised for the low-pressure ratios found in a two-stroke diesel engine and whose materials are designed to withstand corrosive agents. High blower-availability even during continuous operation and variable-speed operation ensure IMO Tier III compliance in ECAs and potentially also in IMO TIER II mode with the new Eco EGR feature.

Since May 2015, 2 × ETB18 prototypes have run successfully on an 82,000-dwt bulk carrier equipped with an MAN B&W 6S60ME-C 8.2 Tier III engine. The ETB40 pased its FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) on October 17th.

Ralph Klaunig, Vice President and Head of Turbocharger and Exhaust Gas Systems Sales, MAN Energy Solutions, said: “Our development of the ETB series is a strategic decision and a significant addition to our existing, proven EGR technology that will play an important role in maintaining IMO Tier III emission standards. This will enable customers to achieve sustainable value creation in the transition towards a carbon-neutral future. In taking this step, we are making use of our in-house turbocharger technology that features a significantly higher thermodynamic efficiency than previous designs.”

Shuhei Kajihara, President of CMD, said: “First of all we are very proud to be the first Chinese EGR engine manufacturer. This was possible, because MAN and CMD worked closely together in finalising this first-of-its-kind project.”

In developing the ETB range, MAN Energy Solutions has focused on a cost-optimised and compact design that has the ability to cover the entire MAN two-stroke engine portfolio with just two frame sizes, ETB40 and ETB30 – MAN Energy Solutions’ reports that the smaller ETB30 blower will soon be available.

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