Malaysia joins scrubber ban list

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 19 November 2019


Malaysia has become the latest in a small but growing list of states and ports which have banned the use of open loop scrubbers in its waters.

Marine Department Malaysia has issued MSN 07/2019 which reads:

  1. This notice is to inform the shipping community on the requirement Regulation 14.1, Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78 for ships installed with the EGCS.
  2. Malaysia prohibits the discharge of washwater from EGCS open-loop system whilst in Malaysian Water (12 nautical miles from the nearest land).

Ships calling to the Malaysian Ports are advised to change over to compliance fuel oil or change over to close loop system (if hybrid system) before entering Malaysian Waters and Ports.

  1. Ships Manager / Owner which managed the Malaysian Ships which has installed EGCS with open-loop systems are advised to take note of any foreign ports which have prohibited the discharge of washwater from open-loop systems.

This latest development adds Malaysia to Singapore, Norway, China and Port of Fujairah as places where bans have come into effect this year. There is a more extensive list of ports and states where open-loop bans have been in place for longer.

As highlighted by point 3, Malaysia as a flag state does permit the use of open loop scrubbers on Malaysian-flagged vessels. None of the states which have imposed bans on foreign vessels prevent their own flag-ships from installing open-loop systems.

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