Maersk says oil pressure drop behind loss of containers from Maersk Eindhoven

Danish liner operator Maersk is reporting that the likely cause of the loss of power on Maersk Eindhoven was due to low oil pressure triggering an engine safety feature. After losing propulsion, the ship lost 260 containers overboard in the North Pacific storm last week. A further 65 containers are damaged but remain on the vessel.

In a statement on its website, Maersk reports, “Propulsion power was quickly restored on the vessel and the initial analysis indicates engine oil pressure triggered a safety feature, causing the engines to shut down. No malfunction or maintenance issues have been identified. The crew is safe and a complete investigation is ongoing. The vessel has had no further incidents and is sailing in calm seas, returning to a North Asia port for inspection and repair. The port decision will be announced shortly.

Maersk’s report suggests that the loss of power was similar to that suffered by the cruise ship Viking Sky off Norway in early 2019. In that incident, the level of lubricant was within limits but relatively low and the movement of the vessel caused sudden changes in the lubricant tanks leading to the pumps stopping and subsequent shutdown of the engine.

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