Maersk planning to skip LNG as a fuel and build for future fuels

Danish operator Maersk currently has no plans to use LNG as a fuel and would prefer to build ships for future fuels as things become clearer.

Speaking during the presentation of Maersk’s Q3 results, CEO Soren Skou said, “We don’t believe that LNG is going to play a big role for us as a transition fuel because it is still a fossil fuel and we would rather go from what we do today straight to a CO2 neutral type of fuel, but I suspect that will be some years in the future”.

Over recent years, Maersk has been involved in several projects trialling and developing new fuels and is a founder member of the Getting to Zero coalition.

Asked about any newbuilding plans, Skou said, “Ideally we would like to figure out what the future fuels should be and then start building the ships that will fit that type of fuel when we need them”.

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