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Paul Gunton

Paul Gunton · 28 January 2020


Drones, 3D printing, 21st-century wind assistance technologies and more: what is the potential benefit for shipping from new and emerging technologies? What developments might emerge over the next decade or more for which we currently have no concept?

Next month’s ShipInsight conference on 26-27 February, titled A Global Transition, will close Day 2 with a forward-looking session to consider the innovative and perhaps surprising ideas that are being developed to support future shipping initiatives. Some may seem fanciful now but will one day be mainstream.

Earlier this month, (15 January), ShipInsight recalled a few such developments from recent years and a few days earlier (6 January) had made some direct comparisons with the state of technology a decade earlier.

In 2019 we wrote about a new gas containment cargo system, a device for fighting container fires, trials with a new biofuel, new hydrogen storage solutions and many other novel ideas. This year will, no doubt, produce a similarly rich crop of initiatives.

For anyone who hopes to gain first-mover advantage from emerging technologies, a focused event to discuss ideas with experts and colleagues would present a valuable opportunity to develop a strategic advantage. The ShipInsight conference provides such an opportunity.

Delegates will be able to exchange views with an expert panel and test their own views and ambitions with other attendees during the conference and its refreshment and lunch breaks. There will also be a conference reception at the end of Day 1, which is open to those attending either day.

Register now, for either or both days of the event, by following the links below, to take part in the conference discussions.

• The second ShipInsight annual conference will be held in London on 26-27 February 2020 in a venue close to IMO’s headquarters. Programme details will be updated as panellists are confirmed. Day 1 will focus on fuel choices and other technical topics; Day 2 on communications, navigation, digitalisation and future technologies.

To make the conference particularly relevant, it will be possible to book for either or both days. Bookings are being taken now and ShipInsight readers should reserve their places online to be sure of taking part in the second ShipInsight annual conference.

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