Large commercial ships mull wind solar marine power

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter

09 February 2017

Eco Marine Power (EMP) has announced that its new global study will focus on the utilisation of Eco Marine Power's patented technology on large commercial ships.

EMP has begun a detailed study focused on the practical applications of its patented EnergySail and Aquarius MRE technologies, in co-operation with several shipping companies and technology partners.

The study will cover the engineering aspects of installing an EnergySail or Aquarius MRE based solution on a variety of ships and the expected Fuel Oil Consumption (FOC) and CO2 savings that can be achieved in an operational environment. Energy storage options will also be studied including the possible use of fuel cells.

Technology partners currently involved in the study with EMP include Teramoto Iron Works Co., Ltd. (Onomichi, Japan), KEI System Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan) and The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd. (Yokohama, Japan).

For confidentiality reasons the shipping companies involved in the study cannot be named at this stage but their operating routes extend to/from Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, South America and Africa. More than a dozen ships will be included in the study ranging in size from coastal chemical tankers to large RoRo ships, bulk cargo carriers and LNG tankers.

Additional tests and simulations will be carried out using a prototype version of the EnergySail connected to a computer system and sensors in a test lab in Osaka. These tests and simulations will assist in fine tuning FOC and CO2 emission savings models.

Commenting on this latest development Greg Atkinson, Chief Technology Officer at Eco Marine Power remarked "It's very encouraging that we now have a number of ship owners actively looking at how our technologies can be fitted either to ships in their existing fleet or incorporated into new ship building projects".