Korean training ships get Kongsberg Simulators

Korean training ships get Kongsberg Simulators

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 29 March 2019


Instructors and students from the Korea Maritime and Ocean University (KMOU) and Mokpo National Maritime University (MMU) will be the first to engage with a unique new approach to maritime simulation and training with the delivery of a full suite of Kongsberg Digital simulator systems to the T/S Segero and T/S Hannara, two identical training ships with a length of 133m and a beam of 19m. Each will be fitted with the K-Sim Navigation, K-Sim Engine and K-Sim Cargo simulators.

The K-Sim Navigation bridge will be installed in a room behind the vessels’ real bridge and will be configured to project either simulated sailing areas based on new Korean database models or the real view from the actual bridge, via onboard CCTV cameras, with data from real sensors on board. By this means, students on the simulator bridge will have access to the exact same view as students on the real bridge, so that real-time situations can be discussed back and forth, and performance indicators can be compared.

“The onboard simulators on these vessels introduce a whole new degree of realism,” said Mark Stuart Treen, Vice President Sales, Kongsberg Digital. “Instructors will be able to make clear, informed assessments and fine-tune simulator exercises as they see fit, while students will be able to access real-time vessel data and apply it to training routines in the virtual realm before moving forward to the main bridge and restaging operations with the actual ship.

“Combining simulator technology with real, in-situ assets represents an exciting new venture for KONGSBERG, and reflects our purpose as a company in supporting customers in new territories, stimulating economic growth and tirelessly pushing the envelope with innovative applications for our technology leading simulators.”

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