KONGSBERG, Viking Supply Ships, the Swedish Maritime Administration and Kalmar Academy sign agreement

Malcolm Latarche
Malcolm Latarche

06 October 2016

Kongsberg Digital, Viking Supply Ships, the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Kalmar Maritime Academy at the Faculty of Technology, Linnaeus University in Sweden have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for academic exchange and cooperation within the framework of the ‘Kalmar Ice Academy’. The Parties signed the MoU on 4th October 2016 at Kalmar, Sweden. The focus of the co-operation under the agreement is on helping the offshore and shipping industries to increase operational safety and efficiency while reducing environmental impact, through furthering understanding of maritime operations in ice. In recognition of their mutual interests in the field of education and research and as a contribution to increased international cooperation, the Parties have agreed that increased scholarly interaction, cultural interchange, co-operative research and other forms of academic collaboration may benefit the maritime industry as a whole. Specifically, highlighted areas of cooperation under the MoU are: Education, i.e. development of joint courses; development of functions and programs for simulator exercises on ice navigation; collaborative research and co-operation in projects for specified areas of development. The Parties will also actively seek out new opportunities for other forms of cooperation that may benefit maritime ice operations. Kongsberg Digital, the new KONGSBERG Group division dedicated to delivering next generation software and digital solutions to customers within the maritime, oil & gas and renewables & utilities sectors has committed to further develop the understanding of maritime operations in ice through its role in the Ice Academy. Kongsberg Digital’s state-of-the-art Navigation and Engine Room Simulators are already a crucial tool at Kalmar’s Ice Academy, helping to train seafarers to operate vessels in ice. The simulators, which are customised specifically for ice navigation applications, are also used in research projects; a vital role that will expand as a result of the MoU.
“As a leading integrated technology provider to the maritime industry, research in ice operations is a key part of KONGSBERG’s commitment to its customers,” said Paal Aamaas, Senior Vice President, Maritime Simulation, Kongsberg Digital. “We have supported Kalmar Ice Academy with simulator technology since 2009, and are pleased to take the next step towards greater involvement alongside Viking Supply Ships and the Swedish Maritime Administration.”
In addition to its co-operation under the new Ice Academy MoU, KONGSBERG simulators will also enable a new partnership between Nord University, Bodin and Lofoten Maritime Vocational Schools and the Nordland county administration in Norway. The partnership, agreed this September, has been established to strengthen education, training and innovative research within Arctic maritime safety and security.