Kongsberg seeks to speed up digitalisation

Paul Gunton

Paul Gunton · 14 December 2018


Norway-based technology Group Kongsberg is looking to speed up maritime digitalisation by opening up its Kognifai Partner Program to new third-party developers.

Yesterday, Kongsberg announced that the Kognifai Partner Program is now open to all, enabling third party developers and users to share the secure Kognifai infrastructure and leverage the digitalisation expertise at Kongsberg Digital. By providing the digital ecosystem needed to deliver new technologies and services, the open Kognifai Partner Program ensures that the best transformative solutions are available to Kongsberg customers at all times.

Kongsberg Digital created Kognifai, an industrial digital platform and ecosystem, to help companies realise their digital transformation ambitions. Kognifai is tailor-made to gather, structure, store, and analyse industrial data for reuse in value-adding solutions and applications delivered by Kongsberg and partners. To clients, the ecosystem will be a one-stop-shop that offers a broad range of solutions and applications relevant to diverse industry sectors, including maritime and energy.

Software developers and providers in the Kognifai Partner Program can use Kognifai’s infrastructure to quickly scale apps and services and offer and distribute them to high-quality customers who are looking for digital solutions to optimise their shipping operations. Whether the solutions on Kognifai are developed by Kongsberg or other experts, the Kognifai Partner Program guarantees that they are safe, secure, and easily accessible.

“We have opened our partner program to all in order to speed up the rate of digital transformation in the maritime sector,” said Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital. “By sharing the Kognifai infrastructure and Kongsberg’s expertise through our partner program, we are providing our clients and partners with a safe and secure digital ecosystem, domain knowledge and an ocean of certified value-adding applications.”

Companies already in the partner program include KPMG, VesselMan, NSG Digital, and KNL. Learn more about the Kognifai Partner Program here.

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