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JRC/Alphatron launches new DynaPilot

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JRC/Alphatron Marine has launched its new DynaPilot system developed in cooperation with Navis Engineering in Finland, with whom JRC has a strategic partnership to develop a highly innovative range of Ship Motion Control Systems.

The DynaPilot is based on the existing and already successful MFM autopilot which is installed on many ships. The MFM autopilot is a type-approved modular Heading and Track Control System (up to CAT-C) designed to fit the medium to larger merchant ships, including high speed crafts.

The DynaPilot is specially designed as a Motion Control System. The type approved Autopilot, Heading Control and Track Control System (in combination with JRC ECDIS JAN-72/9201), is extended to a vessel Motion Control System with a smart interface to the engine RPM and thrusters, allowing the operator to control the ship with a single joystick.

Additionally, the system also includes valuable features and functions related to Dynamic Positioning technology such as:

  • Joystick Manual Control
  • Joystick Auto Position & Heading
  • Auto Heading & Manual Positioning
  • Joystick Speed Control
  • Joystick Eco Positioning & Anchor
  • System diagnostics

Dynamic Positioning engineers have integrated DP algorithms into the hardware of the DynaPilot system. These DP algorithms reduce the response time of the commands given by the control computer and will give a much better user experience, increasing safety and efficiency at sea.

Future features planned include; fuel saving efficiency modes, integration as black box Motion Control System in AlphaMINDS and a direct interface to the JRC Path Planner functionality.

This development is descriped as being a step closer to remote and autonomous ship control. The DynaPilot can be installed on all types of vessels with a suitable propulsion package, such as ferries, crew tenders, patrol boats, large yachts, and will be available early next year.

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