JEC announces new engines for 2021

JEC announces new engines for 2021

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 29 May 2019


Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) the successor to Mitsubishi has unveiled two new engine types that it plans to release to the market in March 2021.

The UEC42LSH engine will be developed as a successor to UEC45LSE engine, which is mainly used for small and medium sized vessels such as the Handysize, and “UEC42LSH” has the optimal output and engine speed for Handysize and/or small sized chemical tankers based on thorough market research.


The new engine is designed to be more compact and with a lower fuel consumption in order to comply with EEDI regulations and save space in the engine rooms reflecting market requirements. It is also planned to be more suited to monitoring and condition based maintenance.

At a seminar held at “BARI-SHIP 2019”, J-ENG introduced “the MGO (Marine Gas Oil) mono-fuel engine, UEC-LSJ” was developed as an environmentally friendly engine under the concept of “JUMP” (J-ENG, Unique Marine Power), which fully complies with all environmental regulations concerning NOx, SOx and CO2 (EEDI).

Especially for the global cap to cope with SOx regulations which will be entered in force from 2020, although some solutions are being considered throughout the shipping industry. MGO mono-fuel concept provide benefits to all the related stakeholders, such as ship owners, ship operators, shipyards and crews due to stable fuel of MGO and/or MDO, which has already been used in worldwide.

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