Iran to develop marine propulsion industry

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter

15 February 2017

Iranian Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan underlined that nuclear energy should be used in marine technologies, including marine propulsion systems, to reduce the environmental effects.

According to Mehr News Agency, Dehghan told reporters that strict planning spanning years could improve a country’s position in propulsion technology.

"Technical know-how is a major contributing factor in reaching a place envied by others; a different factor is the proportionality of design and production with the field the product is to be used,” he said.

Dehghan also believed that nuclear technology could help manage the environmental pollution through decreasing fossil fuels burning in conventional engines and thus cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Describing naval capabilities as a major factor in the overall national power, the defense minister stressed the need for efforts to accelerate Iran’s development in the maritime industries and keep pace with others.