Hull efficiency will feature at the 2020 ShipInsight conference

Paul Gunton

Paul Gunton · 20 November 2019


In the quest to meet IMO’s goals of reduced carbon emissions from shipping, hull efficiency will play an important role in the coming years so ShipInsight’s annual conference on 26-27 February 2020 will include a panel session exploring some of the options available.

Whatever measures are taken to improve engine performance, it is the interface between hull and water that every efficiency initiative has to cross. Hull design, flow-improving devices, coatings and corrosion control all influence how much of the fuel’s energy is eventually available to move the ship.


Day 1 of ShipInsight’s second annual conference, titled, A Global Transition, will include a panel of experts who will explore with delegates the best approach to balancing cost and benefit of these crucial technologies.

In a discussion-led format, panellists will be guided by points made and questions asked during the session in a format that is designed to ensure that attendees have as much opportunity as possible to test their own ideas.

There have been a number of coatings-related innovations during 2019, including one that reflects heat and thus reduces HVAC demands, and increasing uptake of a barnacle-repelling ingredient for anti-fouling paints.

Other announcements this year include a longer-lasting paint formulation and an artificial intelligence-based analysis method to detect coating breakdown. An acquisition earlier this year consolidated two leading hull and vessel performance services.

ShipInsight also devotes one of its annual guides to the topic of coatings and corrosion and the 2019 edition was published in October, which can be viewed online.

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With such a level of activity and interest in hull efficiency, this session will be relevant to many ShipInsight readers. Details of where to find more details and how to register to attend can be found below.

• The second ShipInsight annual conference will be held in London on 26-27 February 2020 in a venue close to IMO’s headquarters. Programme details will be updated as panellists are confirmed. Day 1 will focus on fuel choices and other technical topics; Day 2 on communications, navigation, digitalisation and future technologies.

To make the conference particularly relevant, it will be possible to book for either or both days. Bookings are being taken now and ShipInsight readers should reserve their places online to be sure of taking part in the second ShipInsight annual conference.

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