Hatteland launches new 4K display

Malcolm Latarche

12 February 2019

Maritime display and computer manufacturer Hatteland Display has released a new 43 inch premium quality display as part of its Series X MVD product family. Hatteland Display’s latest UHD system features the same sophisticated 4K panel technology as existing Series X MVD variants.

With 3840 × 2160 pixels compared to 1920 x 1080 on Full High Definition (FHD) displays, UHD is a significant technology improvement that empowers maritime technology manufacturers to develop new, more ergonomic and user-friendly bridge consoles and designs. While the clarity of the image contributes to reducing human error due to easy viewing in all light conditions and angles, the UHD format also allows for multiple inputs to be displayed in real-time, opening the possibility to reduce the number of displays needed for safe navigation and manoeuvring.

Hatteland Display introduced UHD to its customers with the launch of its 55 inch Series X Chart & Planning table in 2017. Its top line portfolio has continued to expand with the addition of console, wall and floor mounted variants and the addition of a 32 inch model utilising the same technology-base. The new 43 inch version bridges the gap between the existing Series X MVD sizes. With flexible inputs, all Series X MVDs can accept and display data from any source including navigation and automation systems, as well as operational specific applications, e.g., winches and trawl monitoring equipment on fishing vessels or fire safety systems on a cruise ship.