Hamla IMS applies for USCG type-approval

Malcolm Latarche
Malcolm Latarche

11 July 2019

South Korea-based Hamla IMS has become the latest ballast treatment system maker to apply for US Coast Guard approval having lodged its request at the end of last month.

The application by Hanla IMS is for the EcoGuardian system which operates using filtration and electrolysis and covers systems with flow rates between 130 and 4,000m3/h. The system received IMO type-approval in May 2015 and has been allowed by the USCG under the AMS system.

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The latest application means that there are now 20 systems with USCG type-approval and eight more under review. In addition two systems already USCG approved have applied for amended approval. So far in 2019, five systems have been granted type-approval and five others have applications pending.