GE rolls out SeaLyte

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter

08 February 2017

GE’s Marine Solutions has unveiled a new dynamic positioning (DP) and vessel control system, SeaLyte.

The new solution complements GE’s bespoke SeaStream solutions, providing a structured and standardized package to better serve customers with smaller vessels for offshore support and merchant markets.

Reduced hardware embedded in the system brings reduced complexity, leading to a lower cost. The SeaLyte solution comprises two standalone products: the SeaLyte Vessel Control System (VCS) and SeaLyte DP.

Both can be fully integrated into one package or used independently with third-party technologies, providing flexibility to accommodate and integrate with existing or pre-selected sub-systems on board vessels.

“Consultation with our customers guided the development and application of our new range of vessel automation, control and dynamic positioning systems,” said Tim Schweikert, president and chief executive at GE marine solutions.

Tim added: “SeaLyte uses tried and tested technology and offers a range of configurable options in a standardised package to help customers achieve their performance goals more cost effectively.”