Gard conference to focus on container fires

Paul Gunton

Paul Gunton · 04 October 2019


Norway-based insurer Gard will be hosting a two-day conference on 17/18 October 2019 focusing on cargo fires on container vessels. Key stakeholders from across the industry, representing container ship operators, charterers, flag states, classification societies, insurance companies, salvors, fire experts and maritime organisations, will meet at Gard’s headquarters in Arendal, Norway to discuss prevention and mitigation of such fires.

Christen Guddal, Chief Claims Officer at Gard said: “In recent times, serious cargo-related fires on board container ships have occurred at the rate of about one a month. The increased size and cargo capacity of container ships have a real impact on the potential severity of such incidents.

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“Such fires first and foremost represent a serious risk to the crew on board. They are also an environmental concern. For insurers, they cause large losses across liability, property and loss of income covers, while for ship operators and charterers, they may also cause severe business disruption and reputational damage.

“While cargo mis-declaration remains a vital issue, this conference will primarily focus on risk mitigation measures related to the ship, such as the need for earlier fire risk detection, better and safer methods of fire-fighting and improved standards.

“Gard’s mission is to enable sustainable maritime development together with our Members, clients and other stakeholders in the industry, bringing experts together to share knowledge and discuss possible solutions. We hope that the conference can contribute to build a broader consensus on which risk mitigation measures may be effective and viable for the industry going forward.”

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