Fuel testing upgrade improves protection

Malcolm Latarche
Malcolm Latarche

14 January 2019

Rotterdam-based Veritas Petroleum Services (VPS) has announced a new level of service for fuel testing.

In light of 2018’s increased fuel quality cases and with a view to potential continuing quality issues as we head towards the forthcoming IMO-2020 legislation, VPS has introduced its new “Additional Protection Service” (APS) which will assist in providing its clients with further information and support in increasing the level of damage prevention and asset protection, of vessels.

In a statement announcing the new service VPS said, “Whilst ISO8217, offers a significant level of protection to fuel purchasers and their vessels, the introduction of new fuels, cutter stocks, blending agents and additives, to ensure fuels comply with IMO-2020 requirements, would indicate a potential higher degree of risk associated with marine fuels going forward.

Therefore, the VPS-Additional Protection Service (APS), offers a residual fuel and a distillate fuel package, including ISO8217 test parameters, plus additional key test parameters to provide much more information on the fuels received.

The uptake of either the residual and/or distillate APS, will also provide clients with priority and discount on any further investigative testing, if required.