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Malcolm Latarche
Malcolm Latarche

23 September 2016

Situations like the OW Bunker collapse and its fallout are fortunately not everyday occurrences but the consequences of poor quality bunkers are. Whether that comes in the form of damage to engines or claims between owners and charterers over the resulting delays or some other way, the experience of knowing what to do and when is something that not all shipowners have within their operation. Some help in that regards has been made available by the West of England P&I Club which this week released two short publications in its Loss prevention series that should be compulsory reading for anyone operating a ship today. The two publications:
  • Bunker Quality Disputes Part 1: Practical and Technical Measures deals with the actions and steps that should be considered in order to avoid off-specification bunker disputes, and
  • Bunker Quality Disputes Part 2: Legal and Claims Handling Considerations sets out the legal and claims handling steps that should be taken in the event of an off-specification bunker claim arising.