Framo launches custom TransRec oil skimmers

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Norway-based Framo has introduced a new cost-effective and customisable oil skimmer offering based on its well-proven TransRec platform. The new solution allows customers to specify a range of options to tailor their systems to fit their operational requirements.

With a diverse range of skimmers, the Framo TransRec system is designed to handle any oil spill, whether it occurs in the process of oil production or as the result of a vessel-related incident. It has proved its capabilities as an oil recovery system for the open sea and as an emergency offloading system.

The system contains essential equipment and features required for an effective oil recovery operation in most operational conditions – including a portable electric remote-control panel that allows operators to be positioned for the best view of the operation. On top of this operators can add options including control and sensor packages designed to offer greater optimisation of oil recovery and prolonging the operational windows of equipment in harsh conditions.

“Our customers now have the possibility to tailor the TransRec system to their specifications,” said Area Sales Manager in Framo, Jørgen Brandt Theodorsen. “This offers customers the best tailored and optimised solution for a high-capacity offshore skimmer system in the world at a low entrance level. Regardless of the offshore environment or the characteristics of the oil, the recovery and transfer system provide the capabilities you need to recover more oil when time is not on your side”.