Fincantieri to bag more Chinese newbuilding contracts

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter

22 February 2017

Fincantieri has been linked to a binding deal on construction of cruise ships for the Chinese market, Bloomberg reports citing undisclosed sources familiar with the matter.

The Italian shipbuilder tipped to expand its orderbook in Asia the Italian President Sergio Mattarella's visit to China.

Under the terms of the deal in question, Fincantieri and its Chinese counterpart China State Shipbuilding Corp. would partner up with cruise ship giant Carnival Corporation and CIC Capital Corporation (CIC Capital).

The ships will be built in China for the Chinese market.

The reported deal builds upon the non-binding agreement the two shipbuilders signed in September 2016 with Carnival and CIC Capital for the construction of the first two cruise ships to be built in China for the Chinese market, with an option for two more ships.