Envirocleanse makes it 16 US approvals and sets historic first

Malcolm Latarche

04 February 2019

On Friday, the USCG issued its latest ballast water management system type-approval to US-based Envirocleanse’s inTank system.

This is the first time a USCG type-approval has been issued in advance of a system achieving type-approval under the IMO procedures.

Envirocleanse claims that the system is the first that does not require extensive re-engineering for retrofitting. It uses no filters other than any that are pre-existing on the vessel and has two modes of operation. The treatment principle of the inTank BWTS consists of in-tank electrolysis and/or in-tank chemical injection, with in-tank neutralisation prior to discharge. The approval covers models with maximum treatment volumes up to 200,000 m3.

The system received IMO final approval for the active substance produced by electrochemical means at MEPC73 last year and has applied for final approval for the bulk chemical injection variant to be granted at MEPC 74 in May this year. Only after achieving this can the system be given IMO type-approval.

In late January, Envirocleanse announced it had received its first order with a fleetwide commitment by Enterprises Shipping & Trading. The order covers the shipowner’s bulker and tanker arms. The initial installation will be in the 2ndQuarter of 2019, with an additional 30 plus vessels over the following five years.