EnSolve Biosystems patents EnScrub technology

EnSolve Biosystems patents EnScrub technology

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 23 August 2018


EnSolve Biosystems announced that it earned a patent from the U.S Patent & Trade Office for its EnScrub technology.

The technology addresses contaminants from the aqueous effluent of sulfur oxide (SOx) scrubber systems for ships and oil refineries.

“We are very excited to win this patent,” states Jason Caplan, EnSolve’s CEO, “as this patent includes claims for both Maritime and land-based applications. In fact, we have successfully employed the EnScrub technology for SOx scrubber systems on ships as well as scrubbers at a major oil refinery in China.”

The Company believes the EnScrub technology addresses a multi-billion dollar market.

When asked if EnSolve plans to commercialize the technology on its own or seek a strategic partner, Caplan replied, “At first, we planned to grow the technology organically but, given the market size, have since decided to seek a global partner to help accelerate the commercialization process. We are open to either exclusively licensing the EnScrub technology or seeking strategic partners. In the interim, we are selling EnScrub systems directly to scrubber companies and/or end users.”

"EnSolve introduced the EnScrub Treatment System to remove contaminants from marine and industrial scrubber systems for legal discharge. Our PetroClean Biotreatment Systems have been utilized for the treatment of groundwater, process wastes, and off-loaded oily bilgewater," says company website.

EnSolve has installed its patented PetroLiminator oil water separator systems on ship platforms worldwide including cruise ships, ferries, oil tankers, commercial fishing vessels, Ro-Ros, ore carriers, government and military vessels, work boats, oil exploration vessels and offshore drilling platforms.

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