ENOC lubes keeping pace with rule changes

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 17 January 2020


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Dubai-based lubricant manufacturer ENOC has added a 2020 LSFO lubricant to its portfolio. ENOC Strata 540LS has been developed specifically for vessels burning 2020 compliant fuels with a maximum 0.5% sulphur content.

ENOC Lubricants are manufactured in the state-of-the-art manufacturing locations in the UAE. The same standards are applied when supplying products from locations outside UAE. This uncompromising attitude to quality standards, help deliver world class Marine lubricants to its clients globally.

ENOC has complete range of lubricants, Marine Cylinder Oil, System Oil, Trunk Piston Engine Oils, Diesel Engine Oils, variety of ancillary products as well as access to cutting edge EAL compliant lubricants.

The Marine Cylinder Oil development with ENOC has focused on quality, range & importantly meet the requirements of major engine builders like MAN & WIN GD. It has products such as ENOC Strata 525 tailored for Distillate fuel/LNG, the new product developed specifically for 0.5% Sulphur fuel ENOC Strata 540LS, through to regular 70BN & 100 BN products such as ENOC Strata CYLN 570 & Strata CYL 5100. With a strong portfolio of System Oil (ENOC Strata SMO 30) and the ancillary range of gear oils, hydraulic oils, compressor oils and Generator engine oils, ENOC provides one stop solution for all Marine product requirements.

The lubrication challenges of the marine industry demand high performance products, trusted advice and global availability. That is where ENOC says it can make all the difference. ENOC has full capability in delivering high quality products, that address user challenges and help meet important environmental legislation.

Developments in two-stroke and four-stroke engine technologies, sophisticated ancillary equipment and changing environmental legislation increase the complexity of technical fleet management. By working closely with fleet managers, superintendent engineers and purchasing managers, ECON formulates lubricant solutions to meet the different onboard needs of container ships, bulk carriers, tankers and other large vessels.

The vessels that transport people, support oil exploration, that are used for fishing and other maritime tasks have specific lubrication requirements. ENOC has developed products and services to meet the needs of cruise, ferry, off-shore support and fishing concerns. The company says its ever-increasing presence in major ports across various countries worldwide means its expert support and guidance has global reach, and the flexible and agile approach of our technical support team helps solve any operational issues as and when they arise.

ENOC believes that getting the right lubricant solution can help customers meet, the need to consistently increase productivity and improve protection and gain a vital competitive edge. ENOC Technology understands the technical advances in lubrication & develops solution which puts it in a great position to offer cutting-edge advice about the right lubricant technology to help improve processes, productivity and efficiency.

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