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Eidesvik to adopt Yxney efficiency software

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Norwegian offshore ship-owner Eidesvik has signed with Yxney Maritime to start using the Maress system for data-driven decarbonisation of vessel operations. The initial agreement is for six of the fleet´s advanced offshore vessels.

Maress is a cloud-based system using available data produced by the vessels to create insight and transparency about the fuel consumption and emissions from operations. It enables the user to closely follow the efficiency development of single vessels and a whole fleet. In addition to creating a solid foundation for deciding what fuel saving initiatives to deploy, the system enables evaluation of direct savings from initiatives such as the installation of a battery system on a vessel.

“We are excited to add Eidesvik to the list of ship-owners using Maress. They´re known for constantly pushing the boundaries for more carbon efficient operations, and there is very good alignment between our two companies,” said Yxney Chief Commercial Officer Sindre Bornstein.

The Eidesvik fleet has actively been used to test technologies such as LNG, batteries, as well as the recent announcement to install an ammonia-driven fuel cell system on one of the vessels. Maress provides detailed insight into the fuel consumption and emissions from the fleet of offshore vessels. “For us, innovation is mainly about the environment”, has been a recurring quote from Eidesvik Chief Operating Officer Jan Lodden. “With Maress we will strengthen our insight and ability to communicate with our stakeholders around our footprint and the energy saving initiatives we´re doing. Having the right digital solutions is a new way to stay ahead of the competition in a challenging market. Maress will help us do exactly that”, said Lodden.

Yxney and Eidesvik each bring a different approach and skill-set to the table, but a very similar mindset and a clear ambition to be frontrunners in the transition to a sustainable maritime industry. The two companies are intent on jointly leveraging the combination of industry experience and data analytics to find new ways to keep reducing emissions from operations. Lodden adds, “We never lean back. We are thinking about the environment every time, every day”.

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