Digitalisation — What it means for 12 of the biggest names in shipping

Malcolm Latarche

Malcolm Latarche · 31 July 2018


Digitalisation has been a buzz word in the industry for some time now and with SMM approaching and the subject being a major focus of the exhibition - there is even a themed Digital Route around the show - ShipInsight has decided to produce a guide on the topic.

The word appears to have so many different interpretations depending upon the view of the company or individual discussing the subject, that the importance of some developments may be overlooked through a combination of confusion and reluctance to engage.

This Digitalisation Guide brings together the views and opinions of a number of different equipment and service providers from across the industry. While it may not represent every opinion, we believe that it will be a thought provoking and interesting read for our audience describing as it does how shipping can benefit from embracing new technology.

Download the free guide.

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