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Paul Gunton

Paul Gunton · 11 January 2019


ShipInsight is offering a limited number of free delegate places to shipowners, managers and operators at its inaugural conference next month, which will be held in London on February 13-14.

“This is a new concept in maritime conferences. The big topics delivered in a discussion-based format by experts without the long boring presentations” promises ShipInsight’s Director Adam Foster. “The purpose-built venue has been specifically chosen as an ideal environment to learn, share ideas and network and we welcome all shipowners, managers and operators to be part of this. If you believe you qualify, email me now.

This year’s event has been given the title ‘An Uncertain Future’ and brings together experts from across the industry to address subjects that are at the heart of many current debates. But its approach to addressing those uncertainties is at a tangent to the normal business conference routine: there will not be PowerPoint overload and the emphasis will be on delivering what delegates want to know, rather than what speakers want to say.

The two-day agenda has already attracted delegates from Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, Norbulk Shipping, Seastar Shipping, COSCO, Lomar Shipping, DFDS, OSM Maritime to mention a few.

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Conference Chairman and ShipInsight Technical Editor Paul Gunton will lead 10 panel discussions that are intended to allow delegates to ask the panellists questions and to contribute their own comments so that, when they leave, they have met the objectives they set themselves when they decided to attend.

Unlike other event organisers, ShipInsight has challenged all those who will be attending to “decide exactly what you want to get from it. Plan and prepare in advance and challenge the speakers and other delegates to test your ideas.” So the discussions will be lively and well informed.

Day One will focus on fuels, engines and their emissions, starting with the startling session title, ‘Demise of the diesel engine’. Is that too wild an assumption? If the industry is to meet IMO’s goal of reducing CO2 by at least 50% by 2050, what alternatives could there be? Our panellists will have their views and suggestions; come and check how yours compare.

Other sessions that day will consider some of the implications of that target and of the more imminent choice facing shipowners: the 0.5% sulphur cap coming into effect on 1 January 2020. What are the fuel choices and how available will they be? There have been forecasts and assumptions in the past; now come and share your own operational experience.


Scrubbers have become a much-debated alternative to using compliant fuels but some owners have said they will not use them, for a variety of reasons. Whichever choice you are planning to make – or have made – the ShipInsight conference is the best place to benchmark against other decision makers.

Day Two covers other equally significant challenges facing shipowners and operators, including ballast water treatment and – the next big thing in that area of the environment debate – biofouling. Technical solutions will be more difficult to define than for ballast water treatment, but is it just a question of using effective anti-foulings? If so, many owners might feel less concerned about potential regulations. Come and hear what others think.

After lunch, the discussion will become more futuristic: disruptive innovation, autonomy, big data and cyber risks are all on the agenda. They all each have an impact on how ships are operated and managed for the next generation and beyond so gaining an understanding of the implications, opportunities and threats that each offers will benefit those owners who take advantage of exploring their expectations with others.

Paul Gunton believes that this collegiate approach will encourage discussions that will lead directly to decisions that will have a significant and lasting impact on delegates’ businesses.

To be part of this innovative event, follow the links at the start of this article. It has the potential to spark ideas and connections that will benefit your business for years to come.

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