ChartWorld and JRC Cooperate on Information Overlays

Navigation specialist ChartWorld is cooperating with JRC on the addition of ChartWorld’s Information Overlay service, known as CIO+ onto JRC ECDIS.

CIO+ is a data overlay shown in ECDIS as a user chart, loaded on top of Electronic Navigational Charts. It is a tool to help the bridge team with the task of developing and executing efficient voyage plans by automating the process of applying additional data in ECDIS by means of User Chart objects.

Oliver Schwarz, ChartWorld’s Business Development Director, commented, “CIO+ is a great step forward to better and safer voyage planning. It makes a huge difference to crew efficiency and voyage plan accuracy and provides onshore teams with increased oversight of navigational planning and risk management. JRC’s support of the CIO+ service shows the strength of the software. It makes the information on their ECDIS better and gives them a competitive edge.”

CIO+ on the ECDIS provides for the automatic addition of the follow data:

  • Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NtM) published by the UKHO and other local Hydrographic Offices.
  • NAVAREA Navigational Warnings. All active NAVAREA warnings along a planned route will be supplied and updated weekly in a CIO+ user chart overlay.

CIO+ is currently available for JRC ECDIS 9201 for both Ver.01.20.026 released in April 2017 and Ver.01.30.012 released in August 2017.

Captain T Podkowinski, Master of the MSC Ravenna,
commented “CIO+ Service provides all T&P notices. What is important, all updates are available almost online so the latest T&P are always available for selected route within +/- 100 Nm. Access to T&P for any selected route is very easy and very fast using ChartBrowser. The most important advantages of new system are; T&P linked to user chart which can be monitored, T&P can be included to the route check before monitoring, warning a user by way of pop up messages if approaching the T&P NtM. The new system seems to be more convenient and handy for users. Hope other users share our opinion and experience”

About ChartWorld: Established in 1999, ChartWorld has grown to be the world’s largest specialist digital navigation provider. ChartWorld provides industry-leading innovative digital navigation hardware and software through an affordable service-based model. While software as a service (SaaS) is standard practice in every major business sector, ChartWorld is the only maritime digital navigation company to provide this to the shipping sector.

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