ChartCo introduces new platform for ship e‑navigation

Adam Foster

Adam Foster · 22 January 2018


Chartco who supply software in marine compliance and navigation has announced the launch of its new web-based FleetManager software, allowing shore-based customers to access live ship management and tracking data via a web browser, on desktops, smartphones and tablets.

According to the press release from the company, the easy-to-use FleetManager software offers a range of highly effective environmental, piracy and regulatory overlays that can highlight potential sources of delay or hazard. It also provides the unique ability to link with ChartCo's e-navigation platform - PassageManager. This enables shore based staff to view an active passage plan so that any deviations from the expected track can be interrogated in real time.

ChartCo's CEO Martin Taylor said: “FleetManager is the latest addition to our growing suite of software solutions designed to help shipping operators manages compliance, cost and efficiency within their fleet. Amongst its rich functionality FleetManager is unique in being able to compare real time fleet tracking with each vessel's planned passage.”

The basic FleetManager tool is available free of charge to existing ChartCo customers, simply by contacting a ChartCo Customer Service Manager for a username and password, no installation is needed. Premium versions are then available depending on customer requirements.

FleetManager also claims to help managers ensure fleet compliance with the ability to inspect any vessel remotely and to view and instantly audit its navigation and compliance status.

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