ChartCo chooses MeteoGroup for weather routeing

ChartCo chooses MeteoGroup for weather routeing

Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter · 16 October 2018


ChartCo, a global supplier of maritime digital data and compliance services, has selected MeteoGroup to deliver its weather routeing technology services (SPOS) through its OneOcean platform.

OneOcean is ChartCo’s software platform for e-navigation, route and passage planning, environmental compliance, data management and a broad range of other services. The MeteoGroup services enable ships to safely navigate the globe with minimal fuel consumption and emissions, by calculating and recalculating optimum routes and anticipating oncoming weather and sea conditions.

In order to have a more flexible and the most accurate weather service included into OneOcean, ChartCo tendered for a market-leading, innovative weather routing solution. MeteoGroup enhanced their comprehensive shipping portfolio with a custom software development kit, based on their well proven SPOS (Ship Performance Optimisation System) product, and this tailored result will fuel the growing range of services within the OneOcean platform. MeteoGroup was selected as the most qualified company to deliver this tightly coupled, best-in-class weather routing solution to serve ChartCo’s customer base.

The MeteoGroup product not only provides ChartCo with the leading weather routing solution but has also resulted in a wider global partnership. With the inclusion of fully integrated weather and route optimisation, ChartCo’s portfolio becomes a one-stop shop for e-navigation and compliance management. Additionally, ChartCo will also offer further MeteoGroup services to complement its rich single platform-based portfolio.

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