Casualty recovery and clean-ups continue

Paul Gunton

Paul Gunton · 11 January 2019


The spate of marine casualties reported in the first week of January have moved into the recovery stages.

Sincerity Ace, the car carrier that caught fire and was abandoned has now been taken under tow and is reportedly heading for a Japanese port. One account of the extremely difficult rescue of the crew by the master of the Seacor car carrier Green Lake has been published by the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots

Meanwhile Hapag Lloyd the owner of the Yantian Express container ship which also suffered a fire has said the fire is now under control and has issued a preliminary account of damage on its website.

Sincerity Ace

The company has said that based on the currently available information, it assumes that all cargo in Bay 12 on deck and forward is directly affected by the fire, also all cargo in Hold 1 (Bay 1 to 9). Further, we have to expect that all cargo in Hold 2 (Bay 11 to 17) is affected by fire, smoke and / or damage caused by firefighting water. Damage caused by smoke, heat and / or firefighting water in adjacent areas is possible. All Reefers in Bay 1 to 24 are without power and switched off. All other Bays with Reefers are continuously supplied with power and in operation.

The ship is also under tow and is heading for Halifax in Canada.

Most of the containers lost from the deck of MSC have been located and on Wednesday it was reported that 21 had so far washed ashore. More than 1200 tonnes of debris from the incident has been recovered. Clean up efforts continue with more news promised as it becomes available.

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