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BP ties with Windward to accelerate digitisation of maritime trade

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Maritime trade analytic specialist Windward has announced today it has partnered with BP Shipping, to deliver a broad set of behavioural analytics and insights – enabling BP Shipping to digitise its business trade practices relating to sanctions compliance, establishing due diligence adherence to the highest global standards.

The shipping industry and wider maritime ecosystem is going through a monumental shift to create efficiencies in global trade practices, driven by changes in global trade policy and the need to adopt next-generation digital Know Your Vessel (KYV) practices. Ron Crean, VP Commercial at Windward said, “We are excited to partner with BP Shipping. They are a global leader in energy & shipping, continually at the forefront of implementing new solutions such as analytics and AI to drive and protect the business in a changing regulatory environment.”

Mark Fortnum, BP Shipping VP of Technical and Vetting, commented, “We have evaluated Windward for around 12 months and have gained a clear insight into what their capabilities and domain expertise can deliver across the due diligence and know your vessel process. It has been a process of true collaboration and partnership to provide a solution adapted to BP Shipping’s needs. The OFAC advisories published recently are a game-changer for the maritime and trade ecosystems regarding compliance requirements. Solutions that can increase both quality and efficiency in our sanctions compliance operations are essential across all related business transactions.”

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